18 September 2009

just when i thought i wanted fall, they have me already lusting for spring

i could go into extensive coverage of nyfw like every other website out there, but i figure hey everyone's seen it all before. sooo i am only covering my personal favorite clothing line, MILLY. so awesome i named my dog after it in 2005. the spring 2010 did not fail to disappoint. i love that the designer (michele smith) consistently sticks to the same styles and silhouettes (i.e. flirty cocktail dresses, elbow length swing coats, cute top/cute shorts combo, gold embellishments, fun prints, etc etc). she only makes minor tweaks here and there, yet the designs always look current. goes to show that fashion is not about buying the newest fad, but using what you've got to update your look and keep it fresh.

all photos from coutorture

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