15 October 2009

99 for sale!

ok i have an extra pair of the infamous jeffrey campbell 99 zip wedges you've all been drooling over. these babies are the talk of the town and are completely SOLD OUT everywhere. don't wait for the stores to restock (if they even decide to restock)..get 'em now!
Check out the auction on ebay HERE

perfectly torn

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i love: the "i'm crazy, but not that trashy" rips, robin's egg blue nails, patterned tile floor

from cobrasnake

06 October 2009

johnny's bird

talk about a classic...joe boxer licky face tee. i remember the boxers were all the rage in 6th grade or so

see more here

04 October 2009

harley & neon

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ancient cobrasnake photo

02 October 2009

red party cup

hilarious necklace. $12 at needsupply

20 September 2009

daveigh chase

samara all grown up
cool eyes, pretty hair


19 September 2009

never say never...

back when i had standards i would look at the store wet seal and think hellllls no. too much glitter, too many colors, too "trendy" yada yada. well one day i stumbled upon their online store and saw a cute little black bandage skirt for, get this, $10.50. i mean its not hervĂ© but for a poorish college student it will do. so i dragged my friends to the store with me and we found exactly what we were looking for, and unfortunately more. they were having a "buy one get one for a penny sale"..never a good idea. we've come out looking like we moonlight at your local street corner but hey it's not what you wear it's how you wear it

18 September 2009

well it's been building up inside of me for oh i don't know how long

the beach boys "don't worry baby"

just when i thought i wanted fall, they have me already lusting for spring

i could go into extensive coverage of nyfw like every other website out there, but i figure hey everyone's seen it all before. sooo i am only covering my personal favorite clothing line, MILLY. so awesome i named my dog after it in 2005. the spring 2010 did not fail to disappoint. i love that the designer (michele smith) consistently sticks to the same styles and silhouettes (i.e. flirty cocktail dresses, elbow length swing coats, cute top/cute shorts combo, gold embellishments, fun prints, etc etc). she only makes minor tweaks here and there, yet the designs always look current. goes to show that fashion is not about buying the newest fad, but using what you've got to update your look and keep it fresh.

all photos from coutorture

17 September 2009

vintage fur

i was given a fur stole just like the one in this spread by a lady in a tchotchke (i googled the proper spelling of that word..who knew?!) thrift shop back home. she said i could have it as long as i promised to love fur until the day i die. she was such a fond fur lover that she claimed she would wear fur underwear if they sold it. i took the stole and ran

some good reads

15 September 2009

go shorty

it's my birthday
three cheers for shameless self promotion!

12 September 2009

ain't this the cutest thing

i wonder if this set comes in my size?

one of the many reasons i love ebay

i had just bought heart tights on ebay and then they showed up on alexa chung twice in the next week. the topshop ones aren't on the website but you can get ones like em here

pictures from mtv and tfs

09 September 2009

twist on a classic

a 2009 spin on my all-time favorite song

08 September 2009

give me that rug

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alice temperley's london studio

via peoniesandpolaroids.com

07 September 2009

the clash

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i love your: shorts, fur hat, total disregard of the principles of matching

06 September 2009

september wishlist

oxford shoes tight skirts baggy t's leather leather leather wedge booties lace black plain hoodies silver rings french braids neon accents army jackets navy cashmere sweater mixing prints leopard scarf riding boots preppy basics heart tights over the knee socks long sleeved minidress florals matte nail polish

30 August 2009

this girl manages to pull off lace bike shorts without looking like she's stuck in 1994


26 August 2009


i loveee JC. these remind me of the new acne wedges, only a littttle more wearable..? is there anywhere else to get them besides needsupply (sold out until halloween?!)

jeffrey campbell 99 zip wedge. 

**upDATE: just bought these puppies from solestruck. preorder for sept21-oct16. maybe this wasn't the best idea considering it is 2am. NO REGRETS. can't wait

19 August 2009

eric hutchinson smiles like this

eric. hutchinson. favorite artist. asked him to come play at notre dame when i met him at his concert at abbey pub in may. ask and you shall receive because he's coming next week!!!!

i love dusty

i think this album cover epitomizes the 60s. dusty springfield is amazing

18 August 2009

granny panties

my inexplicable love for all things animal print led me to buy these 3 dollla high waisted wonders from walmart (classiest lingerie store no doubt)
i really have no idea how all this works, but it will be fun to see who actually reads this, if anyone does besides my mom, sisters, and roommate. jus do it

fyi- picture is michelle williams as coco rivington in i'm not there (2007)

17 August 2009

native american infusion

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seriously who isn't wearing an native american headdress these days? they looked cute on the little girls in funny people. i wanted one too! stuck some feathers in a headband i had already made awhile ago. fun stuff but not exactly what i'd call wearable

mary-kate olsen, thecobrasnake, gemma booth, little doe is love

try it...you'll like it

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