15 October 2009

99 for sale!

ok i have an extra pair of the infamous jeffrey campbell 99 zip wedges you've all been drooling over. these babies are the talk of the town and are completely SOLD OUT everywhere. don't wait for the stores to restock (if they even decide to restock)..get 'em now!
Check out the auction on ebay HERE

perfectly torn

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i love: the "i'm crazy, but not that trashy" rips, robin's egg blue nails, patterned tile floor

from cobrasnake

06 October 2009

johnny's bird

talk about a classic...joe boxer licky face tee. i remember the boxers were all the rage in 6th grade or so

see more here

04 October 2009

harley & neon

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ancient cobrasnake photo

02 October 2009

red party cup

hilarious necklace. $12 at needsupply

try it...you'll like it

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