03 June 2009

everybody's doing it...

it's official. wolf shirts are in. the "three wolf moon" is the #1 selling t-shirt on amazon.com. jump on the bandwagon. this is a timeless style that will be enjoyed by all for years to come.

the subtle tie-dye, the fierce stares, the incorporation of the moon..what's not to love?

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rumi from fashiontoast
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Kyle Gass.. 1/2 of Tenacious D

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or you could just go all out and rock the wolf headpiece..?

i went with the lion shirt but i feel as though it has the same effect as the wolf

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  1. bahahaha ...yes ..animals on shirts and sweatshirts remind me only of Bret now ..from Flight of the Conchords ...so funny. so great.


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